Bad ’90s Crossovers

Although crossover fatigue may be peaking, the inclination to blend stories between comic book publishers stands strong. Indeed, shortly after Marvel’s “Secret Wars” and DC’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” launched the mid-’80s era of events, the attempt to tell the biggest, boldest story possible made enormous crossovers an inevitability. This impulse ran rampant during the comic book boom of the ’90s, and if nothing else, the below selection of crossovers were a weird time for us all. Truth be told, there are plenty of bizarre ’90s crossovers that will live on as nostalgic highlights. Despite their obvious flaws, the likes of Batman/Starman/Hellboy fighting Nazis, or the X-Men gallivanting with the crew of Star Trek make for endlessly joyful reading.

Source: Bad ’90s Crossovers

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